Sea Intake Systems

The primary objective of the Seawater Intake System is to provide a trustworthy source of seawater which can supply required quantity of sea water as well as proper quality to the Plant (Power Plant, Desalination Plant, etc.). The ocean is a dynamic entity with a continuously changing shoreline and bottom profile. Ever-changing characteristics of the sea, shoreline, and sea bottom present a variety of problems that must be considered when designing an intake system.

A good intake design not only protects downstream equipment and reduces environmental impact on marine life but it also improves the performance and reduces the operating cost of the pretreatment equipment.

Below are the major types of Intake systems:


Open intake

  • Open intake in the sea
  • Open intake in the canal


Off Shore Platform

  • Platform in Sea


Beach well

  • Vertical beachwell
  • Sea bed filtration intakel

Pipe Line
  • Pipe line into the Sea

Pre Treatment Systems

Pre Treatment plays vital role in the design of Sea Intake system and successful operation of SWRO Plant. A good quality pre-treatment process is highly influential to the successful operation of a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant. The compounds that are susceptible to foul the reverse osmosis (RO) membranes are inorganic suspended solids, sand, oil, clays, bacteria, and dissolved organic matters. In order to avoid the fouling, a pre-treatment of the raw water needs to be conducted. The pre-treatment technologies to prevent membrane fouling and to extend the lifetime of the RO membrane are commonly grouped into two categories, conventional and non-conventional. Both of these treatments are currently applied in SWRO plants in the world. The pre-treatment system applied is highly site specific and depending on the type of the feed water.

Major steps in SW Pre Treatment are as follows:

  • Primary settle
  • Open intake in the canal
  • Shock chlorination
  • Clarification

Watsun is capable for complete design, engineering, and supply and site works of Desalination RO Plant’s Sea Intake system of any type and Pre Treatment system for up to 20 MGD Plants.
Our Turnkey solutions includes the following major components.

  • Civil works complete in all respect
  • Sea Intake Pumping station
  • Laying of Water Pipeline between Pumping Station and Pre Treatment system
  • All type of Mechanical works
  • Chemical and Process Engineering and Site works
  • Electrical systems including Switchgears, Cabling, Lighting, Earthing & Lightning protection etc.
  • Instrumentation
  • SCADA and Control systems
  • Fire Alarm, CCTV, PABX systems
  • Auxiliary systems