We provide a full suite of lighting capabilities tailored to suit each industrial project’s particular need interior and exterior lighting design and documentation, lighting energy analysis and comprehensive control strategies. Our team is experience with lighting design in different type of industries like cement plants, pumping stations, power plants , sugar industry etc. Lighting is an iterative process and we performed this job with the help of specific lighting software. The lighting design process includes the following basic steps.

  • Start with defining the criteria and environment
  • Identify the quantity of light needed
  • Determine the quality of light required
  • Determine wattage allowances and control requirements
  • Identify maintenance criteria
  • Select the fixtures
  • Perform calculations

We offer complete package of Lighting design, supply and installation / testing works at site. Below services are included in our Lighting portfolio.

  • Lighting design documentation i,e.
    • Lighting software calculations
    • Lighting layout drawings , Cable routings
    • Lighting fixtures installation details
    • Lighting Technical specifications
  • Customer Approval
  • Procurement
  • Site Installation, Testing and Commissioning